What's in our cases today:

Deli case:

      chicken salad, curry chicken salad, tuna salad,

      Greek pasta salad, chopped salad, pesto pasta salad,

      black bean salad, fruit salad, cowboy hummus,

      devilish eggs, cucumber dill salad, King Ranch casserole,             beef lasagna, chipotle chicken pasta, creamy chicken and             artichoke lasagna, chicken spaghetti,

      chicken mole tamales, pork pastor tamales, spinach                     onion tamales, classic beef empanadas, green chile                       chicken empanadas            

COOKIE CASE:  chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin doodles,                     cowboy cookies, pecan bars, nut buddies, ginger lemon               cookies, pecan date bars, butter shortbread cookies,                     decorated cookies, chocolate bombs, coconut                                 macaroons, citrus cornmeal shortbread, Hello Dollies,                 Banana pecan bread,  Lemon pound cake, Pumpkin                     date bread

PASTRY CASE:  carrot cake,  galaxy bars, lemon bars, eclairs,

          groovy chocolate cake, spice cake, pumpkin mini                           cheesecake, chocolate cupcakes with cream                                   cheese frosting, spice cake, carrot cake, peppermint                     brownies, cream cheese brownies, salted caramel                         brownies


SOUPS:  POTATO DILL, SPLIT PEA WITH HAM,                                                  GAZPACHO



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